The SmartCOP MailTrap for Linux Mail Servers is a plugin for QMail and SendMail. It is based on a high performance, multithreaded architecture that can handle large amount of mail traffic. It is ideal for medium to large organizations for whom e-mail is a critical necessity. Following are some main features of SmartCOP MailTrap.

The Next Generation E-Mail virus protection

MailTrap is a powerful E-Mail scanner and filter. It monitors all the incomming mails in the Mail Server and scans the Attachments, Embedded Scripts, ActiveX Components and Java Applets if any. If any object is found infected or suspicious, that object is removed from the E-Mail while letting the rest of the mail through. The original infected mail is quarantined and a warning message is sent to the sender of the mail. This ensures that the user does not miss any message and is also safe from viruses.

The most flexible E-Mail content filter

The advanced options of MailTrap allow the user to block all VBS/JS Scripts and E-Mail Attachments of specified types. For example all executable file attachments are blocked. This will make sure that even new viruses do not enter the users system. The original mail is quarantined just in case the user needs to use the attachment.

Programmable Auto Responder

A fully programmable Auto-Responder enables the administrator to send warning messages to any e-mail id apart from the sender of the mail. The Sender and the Subject of the auto-response message can also be customized.

Instant Updates

SmartCOP provides frequent updates of vaccines for new viruses on the net. These updates should be downloaded regularly to ensure total protection against new viruses. A single click update procedure is available in SmartCOP. InstaUpdate can also download program patches/bug fixes apart from the virus definitions. Users can also schedule the updates as and when they like. Updates are automatic and transparent. There is no need to stop the mail server while updating.

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