Avsoft Technologies is an ISO 9001:2000 certified team of professionals with over 23 years’ experience in developing, and marketing anti-virus software. We have a wide range of products providing all kinds of virus protection.

One of our most recent successes was the Smart dog anti-virus that had revolutionized the anti-virus market. It forced other anti-virus vendors (Indian and Foreign) to provide high quality software at down to earth prices. Smart dog became a household name and a standard at many large government and private sector companies.

On the footsteps of Smart dog, we had launched the SmartCOP range of anti-virus products. It is a suite of high-end anti-virus modules with a host of never before features. Its virus detection, prevention and removal features are currently unmatched. Its power is compounded with a system of regular updates from the Internet, which contain vaccines of latest viruses as and when they are encountered. At an average, we upload a new update every second day. Our vast technical experience in the anti-virus field, combined with the feedback from our customers has helped us create the SmartCOP anti-virus into highly powerful and user-friendly software.

Over a period of time we have realized that in case of a major virus outbreak, sometimes just software is not enough to solve the client’s problem. This urged us to back up SmartCOP with high quality support. This way the client can bank upon us for help in case the software does not solve the virus problem. This support is handled by our R&D center and the people who create the anti-virus software directly solve the client’s problem. This helps solve the problem quickly and also improve the software in case of any shortcomings.

Our Vision

In today’s fast changing technology environment, an increasing dependency on computers is inevitable. A virus attack in such an environment can create havoc. Companies have to incur loss of Productivity and Data due to such an attack. At this point the staff of the company is helpless, as they do not normally have the technical know-how to handle such a situation.

Even if the virus attack is not very severe, it needs proper handling, such that the virus does not spread and lead to catastrophic situations. This is where we come in.

At AvSoft we aim to provide high quality software, backed by high quality service at an affordable price. Even as the international borders shrink, we in India still do not expect to get quality software with backup service as part of the product. We expect to change this mind set with SmartCOP anti-virus by delivering what we commit.

Our Services

At AvSoft we are in constant touch with new advents in technologies and its repercussions on new type of viruses, which can attack the computers. We have a dedicated R&D team, which continuously strives to build products to minimize any kind of loss to the clients due to viruses. The sole purpose of this team is to ensure minimum downtime of client’s computers due to viruses. To implement this we have the following strategy:

1. Install SmartCOP on client’s computers.
2. Work with the client to fine-tune the configuration of SmartCOP to suit their needs.
3. Provide latest updates as and when they are released.
4. Provide regular consultancy to the client on preventing virus attacks.
5. Provide support when a problem is detected.
6. Regularly review the feedback from our clients to improve our products and services.

AvSoft also has done a lot of research in data recovery of crashed hard-disks. We offer this service to our clients in case they loose data due to virus attacks or otherwise. Our high caliber professionals ensure that we recover the maximum data possible in case of such a crash. Our recovery rate is among the highest in the industry.

We also provide consultancy to our clients on various security issues. As AvSoft is continuously researching on security breaches, we have a pool of knowledge that we share with our clients.

Our Motto

At AvSoft we do not believe in just selling a box, but provide comprehensive solution with a no nonsense backup support. We also believe in continuously improving our products and services from feedback received from the clients.

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